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SEO Revolt is an Enterprise Level SEO Insight Tool

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Analyze multiple keywords and Analyze Competition

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Track Unlimited URLs and Keywords

Track Backlinks

Keep track of the backlinks that you have created

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About SEO Revolt

Simply install SEO Revolt on your Windows machine and enjoy features such as Ranktracking in or Local Google or perform Competition analysis or see keyword difficulty by automatically checking Key metrics (such as Page Authority, Domain Authority, Alexa Rank, Page Rank, etc..) for unlimited keywords or the top competition in Google... for more features in detail check below

SEO Revolt will allow you to Analyze Multiple Keywords in the click of a button, so that you can quickly choose the ones you want to rank for. Next, you can add these keywords to the Rank Tracker to perform automatic daily Rank Checks. Finally, you can keep track of your backlinks to follow up on their status. Performing these tasks manually can be very tedious and time-consuming. Not only does SEO Revolt already offer more features than many other competitors, but it's also ready for future updates. Look: the next best SEO tool in the same market as SEO Revolt is atleast three times more expensive and lacks features that SEO Revolt offers. In fact, the most known competitor is over 10 times more expensive. No more manual checks, no more spending tons of money on Research and Tracking Services. SEO Revolt handles everything for you.... Anyone who is serious about SEO needs to track their ranks in the search engines and needs to know if their keywords are worth while. This is the basis of SEO and SEO Revolt is GREAT at it. Stop spending your time and start saving money by using SEO Revolt. Tons of features (see details below) while being free makes "SEO Revolt" the premium choice for SEO specialists and website owners everywhere! Get it now !

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Amazing Features

SEO Revolt is an SEO Toolkit that will perform several tasks for you !

Check out these features

  • Automatic daily Rank Checks
  • Bulk Keyword Analysis
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Unlimited Urls
  • Proxy Support
  • Sort and Filter your Data
  • Work with Projects
  • and many other capabilities...
  • Competition Analysis
  • White label Reports
  • Ton of local Search Engines
  • Compare Ranks
  • True MultiThreading
  • Powerfull Database
  • Regular Updates
  • Captcha Support

Currently Supported Search Engines:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Software Screenshots

Whether you are a (small) business owner, marketeer, or an artist, you need insight on your audience. And you need to do this in a timely fashion since time equals money. SEO Revolt is exactly what you need!

The Main Interface - Rank Tracking

Competition analysis

Keyword Research

White label report

Filter and sort - great when you have a lot of keywords/Urls to track

Check if your backlinks are alive

Mission Statement

To improve the lives of all website owners and SEO specialists. To deliver meaningful insight so that you know where your site stands in the World Wide Web is the continuing mission of SEO Revolt.

Allthough delivering content and services that have great value is admirable, it may not reach the right audience. I and many others have made the mistake of delivering great services while no one is looking. Sometimes, your audience may not be ready (there may not be enough people looking for your services), sometimes the market is over-saturated (there may be too much competition) and many times there is a semantical mismatch between what your audience expects and what you deliver. Another typical aspect of online presence is depicted by an obfuscated relationship between SEO work and SEO results. Having the necessary insight in these situations is crucial to online success. It is the mission of SEO Revolt to aid you in the best way possible while remaining free.


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